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The Blenders First Record!

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Peel Out! • Drag Race Danger • Sting-Ray City • Smokin' Pomona Nitro Drags • Mag Wheels • Impala Pipeline

The food fight's on! The party's coming alive! Now you need that great Blenders sound spinning on the turntable quick before Jenny's parents come rolling into the drive. Time to smoke some rubber and peel out over to Chuck's Garage where FENDER BENDERS was recorded under the supervision of legendary producer CHUCK McKIBBEN and mastered from the original 1971 reel-to-reel recordings! 'Gosh,' as Chuck likes to say. These are six great grooves for singing along, strumming alone, and cruising along! Download your copy today! Then order a FENDER BENDERS 16x20" poster at the Sting-Ray City H.S. school store!! 


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by Chuck McKibben, Official Blenders Producer 

Chuck's Memoriesby Chuck McKibben, Producer
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The Ketchup Tape!

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Why is it called 'The Ketchup Tape'? Well, the story behind it is really funny to some people, but it makes Loafer seem kind of sloppy, so I won't be typing it! Chuck told me to say that he recorded the songs on a four-track portable cassette studio-in-a-box. Loafer says if the incident had never happened then he would have played the drums instead

of the stupid drum machine.

I just remember that those beautiful corduroy flairs were brand new. And the front seat of my Ford Pinto was never the same after that.

This was typed by Loafer's Mom.

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